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A Small Peek Behind the Vegas Curtain…and why Not All Blondes Are Atomic

January 23rd, 2018

Jamey and John share some stories of what happens behind the scenes in a major Las Vegas Hotel, discuss some of the latest news to hit Las Vegas and review Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde.


Asians, Whales and the Lure of Vegas…and do we all have a spare room for Alexa? - Ep #45

January 16th, 2018

Jamey and John discuss the influence of the Asian traveler on Las Vegas and if the appeal is still there.  Also, they discuss the inevitability of an AI assistant in every household.


Las Vegas vs The Internet…Facts and Fallacies - Ep #44

January 7th, 2018

Jamey and John discuss some fallacies about life off of and on the Las Vegas Strip.


Best and Worst of 2017 Movies, Games & Las Vegas - Ep #43

January 2nd, 2018

Join Jamey, Adam and Sam for a special look at the Best and Worst that Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Las Vegas had to offer in 2017...and a year ending Area 52!


The Destruction of Las Vegas…from Hollywood to Silicon Valley. Ep#42

December 19th, 2017

Join Jamey, John, Adam and Sam for a discussion on how Hollywood and Silicon Valley love to destroy our city Las Vegas.  Also included are talks of Net Neutrality, the Disney swallowing of Fox and a brief review of Star Wars:  The Last a Timeline Version(1931-1933) of Area 52.


Performing in Las Vegas - An interview with Sophia Maria - Ep #41

December 12th, 2017

Join Jamey as he interviews Sophia Maria, a Las Vegas lounge and concert performer.  Topics will include performing with Debbie Reynolds, finding the balance between the stage and being a mother of three, and if the current wave of socio-political problems have affected Sophia's career.


Nerds vs Millennials…Battlefield Vegas - Ep #40

December 5th, 2017

Join Jamey and Adam as they discuss the differences between Nerds and Millennials in Las Vegas.  Topics will also include Android Citizens, Rocket Roadsters, Net Neutrality and the Infinity War Trailer...with the Nerd Alert, Gear Grinders and area 52.


What’s it Like Living in Las Vegas…? Ep #39

November 28th, 2017

Join Jamey with his guests Julia and John as they reminisce and discuss what it is like to live in Las Vegas and answer listener questions about Holiday traditions, cost of living and what the clubs are really like.  Also they cover how hard it is to be a woman in Las Vegas and what changes the gig economy and Millennial generations are demanding.


Secret Vegas Hotel Rooms and Why Gal Gadot Isn’t Allowed In Them - Ep#38

November 21st, 2017

Join Jamey, John, Adam and Sam for a discussion on some of the secret hotel rooms Vegas has hidden.  Plus, we look at why The Punisher and Wonder Woman may have some troubles on the horizon.  Also included is a Justice League movie review and the Rotten Tomato influence...and a controversial argument on Gal Gadot and why she may not be the hero we need right now.


TPBD Bonus Episode- Las Vegas & Podcasting - Ep #37

November 17th, 2017

Join Jamey for Part 2 of his interveiw with Chris from the "Faces and Aces" Podcast.  Discussions include Las Vegas as a podcast theme, podcasting quality and future directions, professional podcasting vs the hobbyist and the efficacy of the formation of Podcast Networks. 


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